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FantasyBaseballUK 2015

Welcome to FBUK 2015... still with JG, but now with added prizes!

It's a new season, and as always, we bring you the annual call to arms from the great Jonny Gould, without whom this game would never have been created... let alone run for more than a decade.

You can (and indeed must) read Jonny's welcome message here... but before you do that, here's some news on prizes.

Yes, you heard that right... prizes... for the first time in a good few years, and thanks to our friends at BaseballSoftballUK and Jonny himself, the winner of the full season competition is going to be rewarded with goodies. And very good they are indeed:

1. A specially engraved baseball bat
2. A photo of Jonny Gould, signed by the man himself
3. A baseball, also signed by Jonny Gould

There are NO PRACTICE WEEKS this year, so every game counts. If you haven't got your roster picked yet... you'd best get a move on.

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