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FantasyBaseballUK 2014

Yes... we're back. For an amazing 11th year!

The game that was the offspring of Jonny Gould, the presenter of Five's MLB show, and BaseballSoftballUK has outlived the TV show that originally hosted - and is still going strong.

The game remains free to play, and has an active and loyal band of followers. To create a team, just click on the registration link and fill in your details. You'll find more detailed instructions and the rules of the game on the rules page.

And now... for a message from the great Jonny Gould...

Good evening fellow baseball fans, and a big warm welcome to the last remnants of my fading TV career. Guys & girls this is all that's left of 12 years of Baseball on Five. Such wonderful memories - what a job it was. To think, had Tommy Boyd been any good, or liked the Toddmeister - or even liked baseball, I'd never have discovered America's favourite sport. It's hard to believe it's over 5 years since I last sat in the hot seat, last forgot what innings it was, last heard Gary & Rick give us a penguin suit shout-out. What fun we had. What characters we had. Is there any other programme ever to be braodcast on British TV where the Producer had a Facebook Appreciation Society? I doubt it. JC is now all grown up living in the States, writing books and arriving at the airport 9 hours before his flight - so not much change there then. Erika is still working as a freelancer in TV, never taking off his baseball cap and he's still shite at Fantasy Baseball. Sadly I have lost touch with George the Gooner VT operator and Ivor MVP Floor Manager, and so many of the wonderful Team that made Baseball on Five the greatest show ever to be aired - I may be a little bias.

As for me guys, I still play Fantasy Baseball religiously, I'm still a crap presenter, I'm still the Gouldfish who can't remember his own name after one swim round the gold-fish pond. But best of all I'm still in love with baseball. Don't believe me? I was recently offered a job to act as the auctioneer at a charity dinner. The client told my agent she couldn't afford my usual fee. In fact she could only offer 50%. But to make up for it, what she could offer was a signed/framed Atlanta Braves shirt owned by none other than the Chipmeister. So I did the job for the fee offered, and every day I look at my shirt and I smile.

Happy days guys. Welcome to FBUK - it's more than just a game.
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